Take out a loan in Switzerland

If the view for the borrowing goes beyond the national borders, then this usually has a valid reason: The remark of the borrower does not permit admission within Germany, so that taking up a loan in Switzerland is regarded as a good alternative.

But does the loan really exist in Switzerland?

Switzerland – synonymous with foreign loans

Switzerland - synonymous with foreign loans

When it comes to foreign loans, it is often spoken of Swiss credit. Because the alpine country is known for its banks and the shops that go with it. But Switzerland is only a synonym for foreign loans. These usually come from quite different sources, so taking a loan in Switzerland is usually just a phrase that does not come true in the end.

Who provides the loan?

The fewest credit facilities for foreign credit really come from Switzerland. Actually, it is the banks in Liechtenstein, where you can apply directly and on good terms for the desired loan. The bank specializes in foreign loans, so you do not have to check whether a loan is possible or not.

Of course, it will also be possible to get a loan from other banks abroad. However, these will always be individual decisions that may need to be requested locally. Often then turn on credit intermediaries who smell the big business and offer their “help”.

Which conditions must be met?

In order to be able to take out a loan in Switzerland, no positive remark has to be presented. However, the borrower must necessarily own a fixed income. Otherwise, the foreign credit will not work.

Pensioners, students, the unemployed, housewives and the self-employed will therefore have little chance of a fair supply of credit from abroad. But those who have a high income and a permanent position own, will find good deals.

Furthermore, it is important that in addition to the fixed income, a German bank account and a permanent residence within Germany are available. It should go without saying that the borrower must be able to prove that he has taken out a loan in Switzerland.

What can be expected?

What can be expected?

A foreign credit is not a free ticket. You realize that at the latest when you take the loan in Switzerland to banks. The bank works very seriously and is considered a figurehead for foreign loans. Therefore, they do not forgive them to every borrower and in any amount. The bank holds three different loan amounts, all of which must be repaid to the bank within 40 months.

Loans are offered for 3,500 euros, 5,000 euros and 7,500 euros. In addition, there are no credit lines available. Also an increase of a credit is not possible. In addition, no two loans are given to a borrower at the same time.

That should be known

Taking a loan in Switzerland – that’s done relatively quickly. The repayment, on the other hand, can take several years. A long time where one sometimes wonders if the loan was really the best solution. Above all, when many hurdles had to be overcome for its inclusion and its positive effect quickly fizzled away.

A loan – of any kind – should only be taken if it is really needed and if it brings a lot of benefits. By the negative remark, from which one must automatically go out with a loan from the foreign country, debts appear, which speak actually against a borrowing. These should be paid at best directly with the loan, so that in the end, the remark can shine again in new splendor.

Because nobody likes to carry with them debts that only complicate life and bring no added value.

Take out credit in Switzerland – alternatives?

Take out credit in Switzerland - alternatives?

Of course, taking out a loan in Switzerland does not automatically have to be the only option if the remark of the borrower is negative. There is always the option to take out the desired loan in Germany. However, only if it is secured by a second borrower.

If this brings a positive remark with it, a good credit rating is likely to be obtained, which allows borrowing. In order to find a suitable offer, our loan calculator should be used for the search.

It displays all relevant credit offers that match the desired loan amount and term. And taking out a loan in Switzerland can be postponed so quickly.