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A new luxury resort is coming to Laois

ByJean A. Francis

Jan 31, 2022

Costa del Laois, anyone?

A couple planning to build a luxury resort in Laois have been given the green light to do so.

As reported in the Nationalist Laois, Iveta Melgaile and Patrick Bowe have been granted planning permission to set up a resort in Laois, despite it being Ireland’s only dual landlocked county.

Instead of the sea, the glamping spot will be centered around a pond and located at Clomeen North in Errill.

Some of the features of the proposed development include a spa treatment centre, a barbecue hut and a sports activity centre. The bedrooms, meanwhile, will all be wheelchair accessible, self-contained and with great views of the pond. If that wasn’t enough, guests will have access to their own hot tub and BBQ area.

Although Laois might not scream “sunny getaway”, Megaile and Bowe assured potential guests that the resort would be “surrounded by exotic plants and palm trees as well as a white stone beach with double sun loungers and large day beds for couples”.

In addition to this, the resort has been “positioned so that the sun catches the beach all day from sunrise to sunset and blooms with water lilies”.

The planning app highlights the appeal of the resort and outlines the various activities guests can indulge in.

It reads: “A large pit will provide local musicians and storytellers for guests, as well as guest sports such as basketball; life-size chess pieces, volleyball and mini- golf will also be available.”

Additionally, Iveta and Patrick have plans for a “Celtic wooden house, complete with old-fashioned fireplace for winter evenings with storytellers and Irish music”.

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