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A weekend at Cape Cod’s friendliest beach hotel

ByJean A. Francis

Oct 29, 2022

Nestled in the growing and popular Cape Cod region, Mid-Cap, Red Jacket Hotels is a collection of five boutique resorts perfect for any upcoming Cape Town adventure. Each property seemed full of fantastic vacation amenities and activities, so when the opportunity arose to stay at one of Red Jacket’s properties, we jumped at the chance! We visited the seaside resort red jacket in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, and our expectations for both amenities and activities were exceeded.


Located just under 2 hours from Boston by car, staying at Red Jacket Beach Resort was like taking a deep breath in and out; get out of the busy city and spend a weekend at the beach (even in autumn!) was so awesome during this busy season of life. Check out our stay below and get ready for your next trip to Cape Cod too!

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Accommodation First impressions

When we arrived for our 4pm check-in time, we were pleasantly surprised that we could easily find parking on the lot right in front of the main resort building, despite a busy weekend for the hotel. Check in was well organized and the reception staff were extremely friendly and made it clear that if we had any questions they were available! The resort had a “Girls Weekend” themed program throughout the days we were there (more on that later), but despite the heavy traffic, it didn’t feel chaotic at all. In fact, we were blown away by how well organized things were and how little impact it had on non-Girls Weekend visitors.

We headed to our twin river view room, a spacious and tidy room with two queen beds (very soft) and one of the best views you can have while on Cape Cod. The river runs along the side of the resort’s property, and from these west-facing rooms you have splendid views of small boats coming in and out of the creek, typical New England sand dunes and , if you are lucky, you will be treated to a spectacular sunset. Our room had direct access via a private riverside patio which meant it was really easy to stroll around after dinner watching the sunset.

The interior of the room was very comfortable and there was enough space for us and our luggage (some of us on this trip are not known to pack light). Equipped with a Keurig and fridge, it was a nice touch to be able to store our leftovers or have an after dinner/pre breakfast coffee right in our room. The other highlight of the room layout was the sink located just outside the bathroom. Especially if you’re traveling with a companion, this floor plan is nice to have so multiple people can get ready at the same time, especially if you have plans for the girls’ weekend!

In addition to river view rooms, Red Jacket Beach Resorts also offers beachfront rooms, rooms with easy access to their pools, family rooms/suites, and larger cottages. Hotel rooms are $120-$150 per night in the fall (expect price changes depending on the season), while cottages are between $350-$450, also in the fall .

Red Jacket Beach Resort Amenities

The most beloved thing about resorts like Red Jacket Beach Resort is how it exists in its own little world where everything you would want is on the walkable property. From dining to leisure activities, there is something for everyone at this hotel.

To eat

The Red Jacket Beach Resort offers several dining options. During the “off season” (non-summer months), the Clipper ship’s dining room offers breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. For all the early risers, the Barista station opens an hour earlier, starting at 6:30 a.m., if you’re looking for a stronger caffeine hit than Madame Keurig has to offer. Pub Asa Eldridge is another option for eating (and drinking!), open from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., and last call for food at 8 p.m. During the summer season, you can also choose to dine outside at Poolside grill Where Oceanfront Pavilion Bar, so you don’t have to miss a second to soak up the Cape Cod sunshine. Since we were there over the girls weekend, we were able to partake in a delicious buffet for our meals (we don’t regret our multiple servings of clam chowder) which was so well organized and went so well .

This is where we encountered a common theme throughout our weekend at Red Jacket Beach Resort – every member of staff was so kind and friendly, by far some of the most customer-oriented resort staff. the service and hardest working we have encountered in Cape Town (maybe in the state of Massachusetts). In the dining room, if you’re lucky enough to be served by Tom at the bar or Karen in the dining room, you’re in for a treat. Oh, also try the lava cake. You won’t regret the lava cake.

Chocolate Lava Cake at Asa Elridge Pub, Red Jacket Beach Resort

Swimming pools, beaches and massages, Oh My!

If you are the active type and like to work out while on vacation, Red Jacket Beach Resort will not disappoint. You have the choice between indoor or outdoor pools (they’re both heated) if you want to swim laps – or, you know, just splash around, which was more our pace. Or if you prefer other varieties of gym equipment, you can head up to the second floor of the indoor pool house to use the treadmill or elliptical, all with stunning views of the resort’s private beach.

did we say private beach? Yes! The resort is home to an expansive private beach equipped with an abundance of chairs and umbrellas for guest use. However Cape Cod is home to popular beachesit is then nice not having to fight for parking or fight large crowds to get to the beach. Instead, it’s the most perfect and peaceful place to relax, go shell hunting or take a walk on the pier, all a stone’s throw from the resort itself. You can even do yoga on the beach during the resort’s summer morning workouts! During the warmer months you can also have your food delivered to the beach, so again you can take advantage of every opportunity to soak up the Cape Cod sunshine and salty sea breezes.

Private beach at Red Jacket Beach Resort

To top it off, the station has a spa with a variety of massages and facials to choose from. Prices are reasonable and range from $25 for a casual chair massage to $300 for a full body treatment; there are many treatments that cover the full range of your relaxation needs.

Activities at Red Jacket Beach Resort

Throughout the year, Red Jacket Beach Resort organizes all kinds of fun activities for its guests to participate in. From calligraphy lessons to mobile game pop-ups to magic shows, Red Jacket Beach Resort and its sister properties make sure there’s always something exciting going on. for guests to engage with in addition to its usual resort amenities. The properties also practice resort reciprocity, which means that as a guest of one, you can enjoy the amenities of all!

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We happened to visit during the girls weekend which was a fantastic way to see how the events and marketing team at the resort created the magic…and we had the best moment ! Throughout the weekend there was a packed itinerary of shows, dance parties, ice cream parties and cocktail parties that kept us totally entertained. The highlight of our girls weekend was an 1980s themed dance party; the guests got into the theme a lot, which made the event even more enjoyable (a partygoer dressed in a fully inflatable 1980s dinosaur costume with an inflatable boom box stole the show). While we spent the weekend entertained, the events team led by Michelle seamlessly ran event after event without a hitch, a true testament to the quality of events at Red Jacket Resort.

Final Thoughts

Leaving our weekend of seaside bliss, we came away with genuine appreciation for the friendly and hardworking staff at Red Jacket Beach Resort. The amenities, of course, are fantastic, but really the staff made the experience memorable. Next time you are in Cape Town be sure to give this resort a try – there really is something for everyone, you will be very entertained throughout your stay and all your needs will be within easy walking distance . the property. Until next time, Red Jacket Beach Resort, let’s practice our dance moves!