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Breakfast Secret to an Amazing Stay at Pelican Grand Beach Resort

ByJean A. Francis

Jul 10, 2022

The Pelican Grand Beach Resort believes there is no better way to start your vacation than with a delicious breakfast with stunning ocean views.

Think about it. From your table on the Pelican Grand’s expansive veranda, the resort’s Atlantic Ocean seascape greets guests with a playlist of ocean sounds. The rhythmic soundtrack soothes your soul as you sip your first cup of coffee. Your spirit lifts as you take in the views and contemplate the many amenities and activities possible at Pelican Grand.

As you bask in the morning sun, a great pelican the waiter approaches your table and asks you which breakfast dish suits you best today? You choose eggs Benedict and a glass of freshly squeezed Florida orange juice. Looking at this perfect frame, you think it’s a wonderful way to start your day.

pelican view

Feels like home

Your server mentions that Pelican Grand Beach Resort opened in 2004. Even though this 11-story hotel is less than two decades old, you feel an age-old sense of South Florida history throughout the property.

The hotel recently underwent a $7 million renovation. A key aspect of refreshing the hotel’s 188 rooms was to recognize old-world Florida charm. Guests will notice the beach vibe artwork in their suite, as well as a pastel Smeg refrigerator. You’ll also see a grand piano in the lobby and white rocking chairs sitting on the veranda. All of these sweet touches help make Pelican Grand feel right at home.

One hotel amenity that reinforces this friendly connection is the Emporium Ice Cream Parlor. This 1950s-style flashback features a dozen ice cream selections ranging from salted caramel to strawberry cheesecake and peanut butter fudge. You’ll also find coffee treats, gourmet baked goods, and their cuddly plush pelican keepsake.

Sunny pelican beach

View from the top of the world

As a photography enthusiast, you stop at the concierge station and ask which Pelican Grand vantage point offers the best view. She smiled and said, “Take the elevator to 11e floor.” Luckily, Pelican Grand General Manager TJ Pierri walks up to press the elevator button just as you arrive. Pierri asks where you are going. When you say 11e floor, Pierri proposes to be your tourist guide.

Once the elevator doors open, Pierri shows his guest the Pelican Grand fitness center, as well as their PURE Spa. The Swedish theme PURE spa features a private couples massage room with floor-to-ceiling windows. The glass exterior offers unobstructed views of the ocean and a sky so close it feels like you’re up in the air.

Next, Pierri leads his guest to the main event, the 11th floor rooftop which serves as a spectacular venue for celebrations such as weddings, receptions and concerts. As his guest looks south, Pierri beams and says, “The beach view you see stretches all the way to Miami.

water taxi near the Pelican Grand

An afternoon delight

As a first-time visitor to Fort Lauderdale, you’d be remiss if you didn’t check out what the city has to offer. You ask the concierge at the Pelican Grand to recommend the best off-property activity to spend the afternoon. She replied that a water taxi ride was her favorite. With a boarding station located at a restaurant just one mile from the hotel, hopping aboard the water taxi is a great way to see why Fort Lauderdale is considered the Venice of America.

You discover Water Taxi cruises on the Intracoastal Waterway for 15 miles. Along the way, you’ll see mega-mansions, incredible yachts, and the occasional dolphin or manatee. There are 11 potential stops that include shopping at Las Olas, an array of restaurants, and exploring Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.

You return to Pelican Grand just in time for Happy Hour. The poolside bartender at the O2K Lounge recommends trying a Coco-Berry Mojito. This refreshing cocktail features tropical flavors, coconut rum, blueberries and a splash of Red Bull.

pelican dining party

Dinner by the sea

You’ve worked up an appetite after a busy afternoon on the water taxi and can’t wait to dine al fresco Restaurant OCEAN2000. Your reservations include a well-positioned table on the veranda with stunning sunset views.

An acoustic guitar player adds ambiance to the evening as you start the evening with a Lychee Martini. You browse a menu that offers a multitude of entries. It’s hard to choose from a selection of favorites such as pan-roasted sea bass, seafood risotto and Wagyu rib eye steak.

You decide it’s a special night and select Crab & Lobster Cake as a starter and Cedar Plank Salmon as a starter. As the sun goes down, you can’t help but enjoy, once again, the soothing sounds of the ocean waves as the best kind of nightcap.

let’s do it again

Back in your spacious suite, complete with private balcony, it’s time to sip a glass of wine and gaze at the stars illuminating the sky. Going back to his childhood and wishing for a star, it’s easy to make a request that’s a sure thing.

In the morning, your wish comes true when you start your day with breakfast on the Pelican Grand veranda. When the waiter asks what looks good on the menu, you double down on yesterday’s choices.

Why mess with a command that was a home run the first time. Coffee, freshly squeezed Florida orange juice and eggs Benedict, please. Oh yes, don’t forget a parallel command…. a spectacular view of the ocean. At Pelican Grand Beach Resort, there’s no better way to start your day.