• Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

Discriminatory beach closures – Resort owners

play the videoCovid-19 affected business at Labadi beach

Restaurants inland were not closed but restaurants on the beaches were closed

Huge concerts take place, so why close the beaches – Samuel Neequaye

More businesses to collapse due to brutal beach closures – Resort Manager

Resort owners in the Greater Accra region have called the closure of beaches by the regional ministry discriminatory.

According to them, restaurants on the beaches were closed while restaurants inland were allowed to operate during the holiday season.

Speaking to GhanaWeb, La Pleasure Beach Resort general manager Samuel Neequaye said the beach closures were unfair because the regional ministry was selective.

“Restaurants are working in town, but beach restaurants are not. So we don’t understand what they mean, ”he said.

He added that the closure of the beaches could not have prevented public gatherings, as many social events that have drawn crowds of people are underway.

“We do not understand. We want them to explain the reason for the closure of the beaches. Because if it is a ban on public gatherings, look at Shata Wale he made a program at the stadium, yesterday there was this final of Diasa and people gathered at these places in numbers.

“So you can see that they are selective,” he added.

Samuel Neequaye also told GhanaWeb that the government’s initial beach closures destroyed many businesses.

“Already the first shutdown destroyed businesses, some people went into arrears and it’s happening again; so it’s rather unfortunate, ”he said.

He also indicated that stakeholders from the seaside industry went to meet the Minister to explain the extent of the closure of the beaches but this did not yield any results.

He said the closure flies in the face of the government’s goal of creating more jobs for unemployed youth as a team.

“So here we are, you can see the place is empty, everyone has gone home and no one knows when they are going to open. They say during Christmas and after the New Year. That means for two weeks. , people have to sit at home and do nothing, ”he added.

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