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Do you see a beach scene? The end result will surprise you.

ByJean A. Francis

Aug 10, 2022

Optical illusion picture: This viral optical illusion image has netizens baffled and proves that not everything we see at first glance is necessarily true.

Optical illusions are known to trick our brains into thinking differently. In other words, we believe we have seen something, but in reality it does not exist.

Today’s optical illusion challenge is driving netizens crazy with its presentation.

Do you want to engage your brain and test your observation skills now?

So let’s get started.

Optical illusion – beach or broken car door?

Look at the picture below.

At first glance, you can see a beautiful picture of a beach on a stormy evening if you look at it one more time. You will see something very different.

This photo was shared online on Twitter by a user named @nxyxm with the caption, “if you can see a beach, ocean skies, rocks and stars, then you are an artist.”

You’ll be surprised what it actually is

The image you see is of a broken car door that needs fixing.

Sounds surprising, doesn’t it?

You’re not the only one with the same reaction. Many users reacted the same way.

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One user commented, “I only see the beach, the sea, the stars, the clouds lol. I’ve been watching this for ages and can’t see a car gate,” one person wrote in response to the video. “First looks were definitely a beach and even after reading it was a car door; it took several looks to see it.”

Another said ” I looked at this image in every possible way; the only thing I see is someone maybe looking out the window at a beach. Maybe if we saw the whole picture of the car, then we might get it.

The explanation for this optical illusion is that the sealing panel under the door is damaged, and the bend gives the illusion of waves on a beach on a stormy evening.

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