• Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

Enter Accra’s Unexpected Gem, Premier Beach Resort


Magnificent views and a hidden paradise! This was the idea that crossed my mind when I stepped into the tranquil grounds of Premier Beach Resort, located in Oshiyie, Kokrobite, after about a forty-five minute drive from Accra’s central business district. .

Before starting my trip I had been prepared for anything as I wasn’t sure what to expect on my very first trip to Ga South Municipality and a place often described as a peaceful fishing village along the Atlantic coast.

However, I was pleasantly greeted with such an unexpected gem; an excellent infrastructure with ocean views, a warm welcome from the friendly staff, a beautiful view of the beach and a neat complex and surroundings.

After being offered a welcome drink, I was shown to my room, which was very clean and in fact made up every time I went out for a long walk on the beach during my stay. The atmosphere is atypical, fabulously out of the ordinary with comfort and security for customers made a priority by the management of the establishment.

Without a doubt, the location of the Premier Beach Resort can be described as a dream destination, very surreal, natural and ultra-calm. It is exceptionally calm and without nuisance.

The structure and equipment are in good condition and well maintained, a sign of a good culture of maintenance by the operators of the complex. The food is always good, fresh, and served by a compact team of friendly and helpful staff.

As it is often said, the best beaches are the ones you practically have to yourself and this is what Premier Beach Resort presents, as it is relatively uncrowded. Another highlight for me was enjoying the magnificent sunsets, very spectacular.

My curiosity to know more about the resort led me to have a conversation with the management of the property, the General Manager, David Donald Otchere, an experienced hotel management specialist with nearly two decades of experience, and Patrick Ofori, the office manager.

Established in December 2018 by the Q family, Premier Beach Resort’s fundamental objective is to serve as the resort of choice for rest and relaxation, offering its guests excellent service as a hallmark. The comfort of guests while staying at the resort and having a memorable experience remains management’s top priority.

Commenting on the resort’s unique location, Mr. Otchere said “we are surrounded by the distinctive blue ocean with its beach and serene surroundings. The Premier Beach Resort is a barefoot paradise with a white sand beach and stunning views that you cannot resist. With the quality of the service and the wonderful experience, we effortlessly make our customers feel at home in a unique and refreshing environment ”.

Until December 2019, the property operated as a daytime beach club. After massive expansion and a facelift of the property, which saw the introduction of additional services, it morphed into a resort.

Emphasizing the competitive advantage and uniqueness of Premier Beach Resort, the General Manager said that “we provide services tailored to meet the needs and expectations of our valued guests. We have friendly and professionally trained staff as well as effective management who are committed to ensuring an environment conducive to the efficient functioning of staff without compromising the creation of an exceptional customer experience ”.

Currently, the Premier Beach Resort has twenty-one air-conditioned rooms, a combination of Premier and Standard rooms as well as two VIP lounges. There is a 24 hour Blue Sea restaurant and bar in addition to a special grill, Chill Flame. The complex has a spacious car park that can accommodate over a hundred people for an outdoor event.

Mr. Ofori added that “we have internet available for guests at all times and you can enjoy 4G speed at your convenience to keep in touch with family and friends while having a great time at the resort. We also offer airport pickup services and encourage customers to let us know if they require a pickup or any other transportation needs ”.

Christmas is fast approaching and the Premier Beach Resort will not be left out during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. According to the General Manager, they have officially announced their packages and activations for individuals and corporations wishing to offer to their staff. an exciting experience.

“There will be no better place for family and co-workers in the Atlantic Ocean of Oshieye, Kokrobite apart from the Premier Beach Resort. We have amazing packages including accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner at great prices. We have dinner and cocktail formulas for fifty to two hundred and fifty people sponsored by Coca Cola, ”he added.

I am an advocate for hard work, which equates to success, and success is not for the lazy. However, it is important to take time for ourselves in order to have the necessary balance. With grace, I found a place to achieve it, the Premier Beach Resort, a place that I decided to call a paradise on earth!