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Gripes on the beach scene | The standard

ByJean A. Francis

Mar 15, 2022

Some mainlanders have attacked Hong Kongers who went to the beach or hiked amid the city’s outbreak, saying they were increasing the risk of infection and putting an extra burden on overworked medical staff.

“Shenzhen and Hong Kong are both threatened by the severe pandemic situation, but I’m so angry that Hong Kong citizens ignored the risks and couldn’t contain their excitement to ‘cool off’ at the beach,” said a netizen from the mainland. mentioned.

Shenzhen authorities have already banned all catering services and asked all citizens to stop all unnecessary activities, the commentator said. Dongguan was also placed under lockdown.

The sentiment was echoed by others, who criticized Hong Kongers for “ignoring their own safety and public health and only caring about their own enjoyment”.

“Hong Kong citizens should reflect on themselves,” said one commentator. Another added: ‘Can they cherish the contribution of medical workers?

Some Hong Kongers have also opted to hike in warmer weather. However, this has recently caused more hikers to seek help from authorities, a firefighter in Hong Kong said.

He wrote on Facebook that there were dozens of hikers who asked for help from the fire department yesterday.

“We are already experiencing a shortage of manpower within the department to carry out anti-epidemic work,” the firefighter said.

“Don’t ask us why we’re not in a good mood when we arrive at the scene.”

Meanwhile, head of the Center for Health Protection’s communicable disease branch Chuang Shuk-kwan said she noticed people had started going out again and warned Hong Kong was still facing high numbers of infections.

“I hope people can stick to social distancing measures and refrain from going out,” she said.