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Jenny sports a stylish beach outfit after losing weight

ByJean A. Francis

May 28, 2022

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way cast member Jenny Slatten wore a colorful beach dress during her trip to Goa with Sumit Slatten to show off her legs.

Popular 90 day fiance Star Jenny Slatten showed off her toned legs in a glamorous beach outfit during her trip to Goa with husband Sumit Singh. Jenny was in her 60s when she met a man named Michael Jones on Facebook. Michael Jones, an alleged American, turned out to be Sumit, a call center worker from Delhi. Despite the catfishing angle and a 30-year age gap, Sumit and Jenny fell in love and are still together after a decade. But get married 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 3, Sumit and Jenny’s relationship had to overcome several issues.

When Jenny first flew to India to meet Sumit, she stayed with her parents pretending to be his friend. Sumit’s mother Sadhna and father Anil found out about Jenny and her intimate affair and married him off to a local woman. The conservative family never wanted their son to be with a woman twice his age due to fear of society. According to Jenny, Sumit’s mother was okay with them getting married as long as she took him to the United States. But Jenny had financial difficulties which did not allow her to do this even after the divorce from Sumit. Despite Sadhna’s constant taunting of her age, Jenny married Sumit in secret and continues to stay with him in his country.


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While Jenny is actually older than Sumit’s mother, the California woman has now started looking younger day by day. She is currently enjoying a vacation in the Indian state of Goa with Sumit, her daughter Christina and Christina’s wife Jennie. In one of the Facebook photos from the trip that Jenny shared with 90 day fiance fans on Facebook, she looks almost unrecognizable. Jenny seems to have lost a lot of weight. She’s not shy about showing off her legs, prompting a TLC viewer to ask, “Who is this 35 year old!?!

Jenny 90 Day Fiance The Other Way to Lose Weight

Fans love Jenny’s youthful appearance, which is enhanced by her colorful kaftan dress. The rainbow-colored outfit fits Jenny loosely, making her perfect for the sunny beaches of Goa. Jenny paired her striped dress with a matching shoulder bag and dark sunglasses. The fans were called Jenny”gorgeous” and “beautiful.” They expressed their happiness to Sumit and Jenny still going strong. Jenny also posted a selfie in the same dress, showing off her makeup-free look with her flawless skin. Even at 62, Jenny was shining bright and, in a photo with Sumit, looked great alongside her.

Maybe it’s that fans are so used to watching Jenny in Indo-Western outfits on 90 day fiance that seeing her wearing this casual beach tunic makes her look different to fans. Additionally, Jenny has also lost weight and completely transformed during the pandemic. According to Jenny, she lost five to six pounds in weight. Jenny looks fantastic every time she makes an appearance on social media. 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers can’t wait to see Jenny and Sumit back together in a new TLC spinoff.

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Source: Jenny Slatten/Facebook

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