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LUXURY RESORT | Architect magazine

ByJean A. Francis

Sep 23, 2022

Project description

The Luxury Beach Resort, with a modern Mediterranean style set along Dubai’s breathtaking waterfront, complements the area’s natural beauty while incorporating neutral colors and artistic elements, to create an elegant yet calm ambiance. The resort has several rooms and suites, an all-day cafe, an aesthetically placed restaurant, a communal pool bar, and a plethora of recreational areas such as an infinity pool and a dedicated kids’ club with a sumptuous locker room.

The restaurant is a source of inspiration for those who want to give customers the joy of eating together. The Seafood Restaurant offers stunning views of the beach. The idea for the restaurant comes from the stunning blue hues of the seaside.
The 150-seat restaurant offers breakfast through dinner and is divided into two distinct sections: indoor and outdoor. The indoor restaurant can be divided into two parts, with the possibility of closing one for private events. It’s not just a functional restaurant, but it’s also a visually intriguing maze and experiential opportunity to evoke pleasure and fulfillment for every diner.
We designed the space with a variety of interesting design details waiting to be discovered; details that encourage guests to take a moment to appreciate the culture and art of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean theme.
For cold and fresh service, there’s a raw counter and an evening water counter that features fresh seafood and drinks. These counters are elegantly designed in front of the kitchen with Corian tops and bamboo patterns framed in wood veneer, and direct light from the ceiling casts onto the rustic balloons above the counters. The close arrangement of the tables creates an atmosphere of intimacy. The use of luxurious furniture, pendant lighting and natural materials add to this fun while making the space look minimal overall.
The background is made in another unconventional way by adorning the wall covering. Our ceiling design is distinctly done with woven cane sticks, uniquely shaped diagonally and wooden rafters that serve as a support structure in between with concealed LED lights, while highlighted walls are offered with diagonally veneered wood. Wooden interiors and warm concrete and rattan hanging lights above the tables make these places a favorite destination for large-format meals.
Beautiful handcrafted solid wood chairs go well with teak wood tables. The blue fabric used for the seats is chosen to complement the color of the water. It is easy to find the freshness required by the location in the cabinet. And when it gets dark, the subdued and delicate lighting merges with the setting sun.

The Pool Bar, located near the resort’s pool, blends street food culture with the great outdoors to create an inviting vibe. The design of this pool bar is inspired by the idea of ​​a food truck, while the color scheme is inspired by the beautiful ocean of green water. Food-Bar, a mini street food counter that allows customers to interact and make their own choices while enjoying the experience. The pool bar offers guests a concept of finger food in incredibly entertaining, transportable and easy-to-grip cones, ideal for take-out.
The pool bar has 50 covers that offer both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. Some opulent materials that have been used to enhance this area include teak wood, stained reclaimed wood planks, ceramic wall tiles, whitewash paint, and green paint with a textured concrete finish. The counter is beautifully crafted with a reclaimed wood board covered in wood veneer.
A touch of color bursts into a space of pure rustic essence where the decoration is cozy and full of warmth. A cluster of cone-shaped pendant lights above the counter and a wired pendant light above the seating area illuminate the area. A wall with exquisite wooden shelves is offered behind the counter with exposed brickwork and a selection of metal and wooden furniture are all inspired by the concept of a food truck.

The Kids Club at Luxury Beach Resort provides an idyllic experience, catering to the specific needs of each child through carefully designed activity spaces, considering children as equally important guests in the field of hospitality. Incorporating safe, fun and engaging play areas, this kids club concept is designed for children from toddlers to young teens.
Striking a balance between active and intimate spaces contributes to design success, as it allows children to shape their own experiences by selecting activities tailored to their needs. Younger children can enjoy a variety of activity stations, play spaces with soft furniture and included seating to play individually or in groups, while for older children there is space to play. arts and crafts, a fun slide with a pool filled with vibrating balls, a wall climbing area and a media area with video projector and video games.
The pastel color palette, soft textures and organic wood finishes create a unified language in the space, promoting a sense of calm. The main design feature of the kids club is the curved wooden suspended ceiling and the wooden floor. The illusion of inflated balloon lights is flawless and sparks the imagination and invites carefree childhood. The waves that bring us back to the beach also highlight the back walls.

Each space here contributes a real sense of creativity, accentuated by simple yet subtle layers of textures and colors inspired by golden dunes and blue waters, as well as the soft palette of sunsets.