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New Battery Energy Storage System for Turtle Island Beach Resort

ByJean A. Francis

Jul 26, 2022
On.Energy won the deployment and operation of a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and Energy Management System (EMS) in an Isolated Microgrid Application for Solar Axiom at the Turtle Island Beach Resort.
Located off the coast of Belize near San Pedro, this complex will convert from diesel backup generation to a battery-powered clean energy system. The new On.EnergyTM BESS will enable Turtle Island Beach Resort to completely eliminate its reliance on fossil fuels while providing clean, reliable power for its facilities. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Batteries for stationary energy storage 2021-2031.

“We are excited to start this new isolated microgrid project alongside Solar Axiom to help Turtle Island Beach Resort achieve its goal of 100% renewable energy and the Government of Belize’s goal of a green economy,” said Salvatore Minopoli, President of On.Energy for North America. “On.Energy is committed to providing smarter and cleaner energy solutions to its customers, and this project is part of our efforts to foster the energy transition.”

By adding an On.EnergyTM BESS to its existing solar system, Axiom Solar will allow Turtle Island Beach Resort to store solar-generated electricity during times when the sun is not shining. The batteries are designed for long-term use with minimal maintenance required, and with On.Energy’s On.CommandTM software, automatic operation and remote monitoring will keep the system running safely and efficiently.

“Solar Axiom is proud to have partnered with Turtle Island Beach Resort and On.Energy on this amazing project. Adding a BESS to our existing solar system completes the 100% renewable energy loop in the microgrid of this isolated complex. Thanks to On.Energy, by integrating energy storage into our existing solar system, we are demonstrating our commitment to making solar energy happen where it would not otherwise happen,” said Elio Muller, President of Solar Axiom LLC, one of the leading developers of commercial and industrial solar energy systems in the Caribbean, with a focus on the resort industry and remote islands.

The new system will allow Turtle Island Beach Resort to operate entirely on renewable energy sources and significantly reduce its carbon footprint. By ceasing to use its diesel standby generators, Turtle Island Beach Resort will also stop incurring high fuel and O&M costs while reducing its carbon emissions.

“This sets out the climate-responsive mandate for our current expansion plans at Turtle Island Beach Resort. It further demonstrates our commitment to a climate-friendly experience for our guests and our support for Belize’s green economy,” said Jeremy Meighan, President of Turtle Island Beach Resorts (Castle Capital Development LTD).

About On.Energy

On.Energy is an end-to-end developer, supplier and integrator of energy solutions with a proven track record in developing and deploying BESS in the Americas using its best-in-class EMS, On.CommandTM. On.Energy has safely and successfully deployed dozens of storage projects in several countries in the Americas with C&I customers and utilities.

Source and top image: Mercom Capital