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Prada Broadway store transformed into beach scene – WWD

Prada Outdoor has arrived in the United States The latest Prada experience, encompassing diverse landscapes and the changing seasons, has arrived in New York today. The four themes of the year are Garden, Coast, Mountain and Snow, and as it should be for the season, Coast is what awaits you now.

The Prada Broadway store in New York has been recreated as a beach setting with sand dunes, rocks, white and ocean blue tents and umbrellas. There are beach huts, surfboards and watchtowers positioned in the middle of the exclusive collection of ready-to-wear for women and men.

Terry bathrobes, gabardine beachwear, minimalist crochet tunics, perforated kappa leather jackets, shirts with contrasting double prints and white t-shirts covered with a mesh of crystals are among the offerings for women. Men’s looks include classic shorts and Bermuda shorts, bowling shirts with a mix of signature prints, black and white sweatshirts and lightweight perforated kappa bomber jackets. The rtw for women sells for between $ 175 and $ 5,400, while the rtw for men ranges from $ 695 to $ 5,100.

The bags are available in different sizes, shopping bags and mini-bags in multicolored cotton drill and woven straw and mini-bags in wicker and leather with a chain, or in soft terry cloth with an embroidered logo. Wooden jewelry with silver charms is also available. Women’s accessories cost from $ 295 to $ 1,900, while shoes range from $ 625 to $ 995. Men’s shoes are $ 625 to $ 825, accessories $ 295 to $ 975, and bags are $ 1,490 to $ 1,720.

Prada Outdoor presented in Prada’s Broadway store.
Samantha Nandez / BFA.com

The Prada store also offers beach accessories such as inflatable balls, rings and mattresses, terrycloth beach towels and cushions as well as sandwich boxes and water bottles. The collection is completed with a range of sports accessories such as surfboards with nylon covers, rackets, skateboards, frisbees and beach-volleys. Lifestyle items range from $ 75 to $ 1,300.

Prada Broadway store transformed into a beach

The theme of Prada Outdoor is the coast. Here, a handbag display.
Samantha Nandez / BFA.com

Prada Outdoor will be in the Prada store on Broadway until June 20, then move to Beverly Hills from June 14 to July 4, and to Miami from June 24 to July 12. Next week, it will land at Neiman Marcus-Dallas, the only wholesale account to feature Prada outdoors.

Prada Broadway store transformed into a beach

Prada’s Broadway store is the first store to feature Prada Outdoor in the United States
Samantha Nandez / BFA.com

The Prada Outdoor Garden theme debuted in China in April and has been rolled out, adding Coast and Mountain themes, in various countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Singapore.


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