• Wed. Nov 16th, 2022

Review: Day Pass to Margaritaville Beach Resort in Nassau

Just half a mile from where cruise ships dock in Nassau, Bahamas, Margaritaville opened its new resort in July 2021.

The resort offers day passes that cruise passengers can purchase to experience some of the resort’s amenities.

What does a Day Pass to Margaritaville Beach Resort include and how does the experience go? Marcy visited the resort on a cruise in December 2021 to check it out.

What is included?

The day pass includes:

  • Entrance to the “Fins Up” water park
  • $ 25 food and drink credit
  • Access to the private beach (chairs first come, first served)
  • Free WIFI.

Cost and Cancellation Policy

The current price of the day pass is $ 115 per adult, $ 45 for children ages 3-12 and under 3 is free.

You can cancel your pass until 11:59 p.m. the day before your arrival on their website, however, you can cancel by email until 10 a.m. on the day of your arrival.

It is great flexibility if the weather is bad.

My experience

I booked the day pass online through the third party website resortpass.com.

Although Margaritaville does not give an exact number, it says on their website that they will limit the number of passes sold per day. I received my confirmation email stating that I need to check in at reception with a valid photo ID.

We went to the resort on Sunday December 19th while our Royal Caribbean cruise ship was docked in port for the day.

We decided to walk the half mile from the ship to the resort, which took fifteen minutes (six of which were just coming out of the harbor). The promenade between the ship and Margaritaville is relatively flat.

We got to the resort and went inside to check in. We were pulled over and told that the policy had changed and we were directed around the corner to the water parks ticket office. We provided our names and were given a wristband and our $ 25 per person food and / or drink vouchers.

The Fins Up water park

The water park opened at 10 am and we were there from the moment it opened.

The first thing I noticed was how clean it was. The park features a swimming pool, man-made river, children’s slide, three larger slides for all ages, a hot tub, and a flow-rider-style merry-go-round which is a scaled-down version of those on Royal Caribbean ships.

There is also a 10ft high ledge from which you can jump into the 11ft deep pool. It was something I had never seen before in a water park.

The pools are not heated so being December it was a bit cold. However, it was a sunny day so the water was nice.

There is a climbing wall however, it was unmanned and we did not see anyone climbing it.

Sun loungers and beach towels are free. There were also lockers located near the toilets and changing rooms. Wanted to buy one so my husband and I could store our valuables and enjoy the man-made river together, but we were told they had just been set up and not yet in use.

The free WIFI was easy to access. After connection, a pop-up message stated that the WIFI would only be active for one hour. Ours ended up working during the four hours we were there, so I’m not sure what the actual rule is.

The general atmosphere was pleasant. There were giant screens on the hotel itself that played every genre of music you can think of.

We’ve heard everything from Bruno Mars to U2, country music, 60s blues, classic 80s rock, Christmas music from the Monkees to Mariah Carey and of course lots of Jimmy Buffet. The volume of the music was perfect. It was high but not so loud that you couldn’t hold a conversation.

Food and drinks

This is the area that needs the most help, especially if you want to enjoy cocktails or any drink.

There are two areas to have a drink during the tour. The one by the food window was closed so there was only the main bar which had a bartender the whole time we were there.

Obviously they have a small staff problem. In fact, on their website they mention that they offer poolside food and drink service that we didn’t experience.

Make sure to bring your wallet as the food is expensive, and it’s from someone who frequents Walt Disney World, so I’m used to overpriced food.

We ordered a chicken wrap and a burger (both included fries) and two drinks with alcohol for a total of $ 85. Remember we had two food credits of $ 25 which brought it down to $ 35, but it seemed very expensive to me.

Tips and VAT taxes were automatically added. They only accepted credit cards, no cash.

I really enjoyed my chicken wrap. It was made to order so although it took about 15 minutes to get the food it was fresh and delicious. My husband was not impressed with his burger. It was overcooked and bland. The drinks were very good.

Final thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed the day. It wasn’t too crowded, I guess, as not many people know about the day pass offer.

I love lazy rivers so I could have been floating in there all day. My husband’s favorite activity was the ten foot jump he said was the best thing there.

Would I do it again? May be. It was a great day, but in my opinion I could spend a full day at CocoCay Waterpark which has more activities for a lower price and includes food as well.

However, if you are looking for something new to do in Nassau, or if you are a fan of Jimmy Buffet and the Margaritaville brand, then the Day Pass is for you.