• Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Sokha Beach Resort ready to put Sihanoukville on the map with ATF

With Sokha Beach Resort being the venue for the 40th ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) 2022 from January 16-22, the five-star luxury vacation destination will help put Sihanoukville on the regional and global map.

General Manager Thai Dara said it was “an honor” for Sokha Beach Resort – “the place where the sea meets the sky” – to be chosen as the venue for the big regional event.

“It means a lot to Sihanoukville to be chosen as the destination for the 2022 ASEAN Tourism Forum, and it is an honor for us personally to host the event.

“Hosting the event will allow us to promote Sihanoukville and Cambodia as a whole as a world-class tourist destination, as well as Sokha Beach Resort.

“When people come here for the ATF, they’ll have the same feeling as all of our guests – ‘wow, no other place can compare’,” Dara said.

The ATF says it aims to “provide a platform to encourage collaboration among ASEAN member states and promote the region as a one-stop destination with diverse cultures.”

The theme of this year’s ATF event – “ASEAN: A Community of Peace and a Shared Future” – underlines the Kingdom’s commitment as a key player in the region’s tourism ecosystem.

And with its landscaping and friendly architecture creating a relaxed atmosphere to match the beautiful location, Sokha Beach Resort is the perfect place to showcase Cambodia’s tourism industry.

“With our landscaped palm fringed gardens overlooking this magnificent 1.5 kilometer stretch of white sand and crystal clear sea, Sokha Beach Resort – with its skilful blend of natural and built environments – is truly where the sea meets the sky.

“We have – on over 30 acres of beautifully landscaped beachfront – 969 rooms, suites, chalets and villas with a blend of modern and traditional Khmer design, with six upscale restaurants appealing to Cambodian, Asian and Western tastes” , Dara said. .

Sokha Beach Resort began in the 1960s with 10 luxury beach villas — which still form the centerpiece of the resort — with the current owner expanding the property after acquiring it in 2004.

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The resort is set on over 30ha of beautifully landscaped beachfront. Heng Chivoan

“The story began in the 1960s ‘Golden Era’, during the reign of King Father Norodom Sihanouk, with 10 luxury bungalows which were built on Sokha beach as ‘Motel Sokha’ in the part of the original development of Sihanoukville and the Cambodian tourism industry.

“In 2004, Cambodia’s tourism industry was limited and Sokha Hotels chose this beautiful location to build a world-class resort as part of a desire to revive it and promote the Kingdom as a premier tourist destination. plan.

“Sokha Beach Resort now has the full range of international standard amenities and everything you would expect from a five-star resort, all coupled with the unique Cambodian experience,” Dara said.

This, he said, is in line with Sokha Hotels’ mission to “provide a truly memorable Khmer hospitality experience that makes a lasting difference in people’s lives by creating the feelings their hearts yearn for”.

“At Sokha Beach Resort, we strive to promote Cambodian hospitality – our kindness and sincere, warm smiles – to the world.

“Khmer hospitality comes from our culture of kindness, respect for strangers and guests, generosity and warmth – and at Sokha Beach, we aim to embody that,” Dara said.

The Siem Reap native, with 16 years of experience working for Sokha Hotels, says the company’s philosophy of a happy workforce translates into a top-notch guest experience.

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“The Sokha Hotels philosophy is to treat the staff as one family. This attitude is part of our holistic and sustainable approach to the resort – the respect we show our guests and staff is reflected in the respect we show the environment and the beach.

“The strength of the Sokha experience is reflected in the number of loyal customers who keep coming back – they see us as a second home.

“Some of our guests came here as children, and our brand is so strong that now that they are parents, they bring their children here – history is constantly being built at Sokha Beach Resort for every generation,” Dara said.

And Dara said the resort’s friendly staff are eager to welcome as many new guests as possible.

“By strictly adhering to the government’s standard Covid-19 operating protocols, we look forward to safely welcoming new domestic and international guests with Khmer hospitality.

“‘Sokha’ translates to ‘prosperity and happiness’, and we aim to deliver that, offering the warmest welcome and the most fulfilling customer experience to be the first choice for travelers to Cambodia,” Dara said. .