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Summer Lovin ‘: 10 Beachwear Ideas That Would Turn Heads!

ByJean A. Francis

May 5, 2016

Fashion trends


The sheer joy of feeling the sand under your feet and the wind blowing your hair at the beach is unmatched. The only thing more fun is to turn heads while you’re at it.

Beach fashion is an encyclopedia on its own; but the best part is that there are no restrictions and hard rules.

The important factor for beach fashion is comfort, because when all you want to do is have fun, you don’t want fashion faux pas from your clothes preventing you from doing just that.

This year we found out about some amazing bikini trends and which bikini to wear for your body type.

Today we have a list of the best beach outfit ideas that will help you turn into a beach fashionista.

You can dress it up or dress it up or even do something crazy, it’s all about finding out which style is right for you.


Bohemian beach style

The bohemian touch of fringes and cashmere with chiffon textures gives this outfit a perfect bohemian vibe. It can be a throw or a romper. The bohemian look is here to stay.


Dressed beach style

A perfect look for a beach party or a night by the shore calls for this dressy style. You can wear a formal piece overall and style it well or give it an accent of structured outfits.


The perfect summer bikini

Everyone needs them, and you should have one that is your favorite bikini. It can be any style or trend, and wearing it with the most comfort is what matters most.


Camouflage style

You can go pure or do solids with lunges. This trend has a chic vibe where you can feel right at home when you don’t want to show off that bikini but still want to look sexy.


Beach style overlay

Lighter jeans with shorts or even a throw over a tee and bikini. Layering never goes out of style, and you can do it for a nice picnic on the beach.


Classic striped style

Stripes are all the rage and you can style it however you like. A T-shirt, a bikini, a maxi … you name it and you could sport the stripe trend in style.


Bright neon style

Bright graphic colors are great in this season and what better way to flaunt it! Wear it over a bikini or over shorts and a crop. It will look great on any sunny summer day.


Maxi style

Maxi is very fashionable this season, so whichever way you decide to wear it, you are sure to be a fashion hit. Choose comfortable silhouettes and lighter fabrics for your next day at the beach.


Californian beach style

A boy at heart and who always wants to look good at the beach? This is the style you should go for, with mismatched partings, but with a touch of style.


Beach style print

The prints are there, and everything about them is wonderful. We believe that prints make the world a better place. So go ahead and wear some funky prints this summer to be on trend.

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