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The best romantic restaurants overlooking the beach that you can visit in the city

ByJean A. Francis

Nov 21, 2019

Mumbai is always full of great restaurants. Movies, food, and clubs are some of the few things to do when in Mumbai. Day after day the city is inundated with new cafes and restaurants opening up as well. People come to Mumbai to sample the variety of cuisines that the city has to offer. While touring Mumbai or looking for a place to spend some quiet time, one should definitely go for restaurants that have a serene view of the beach. When it comes to restaurants, ambiance is everything and what better view than a calm ocean view, listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Below are some of the best beach view restaurants in Mumbai.

Best Beach View Restaurants and Cafes in Mumbai

1) Pizza at the Bay

This iconic restaurant is a must visit in Mumbai. The restaurant is placed in a semicircle, offering its customers the ultimate view of the beach while they dine. It is located in Churchgate and the cuisine on offer is Italian. Some of the must-try dishes include vegetables. lasagna, Aglio olio pasta, tiramisu and minestrone soup.

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2) Ferme Mer N Sable

This restaurant is the perfect place to seek out some secluded romance. It has a wonderful view of the beach and gives a raw feel. Some of the cuisines available are Continental, Seafood, North Indian, and Chinese. The restaurant, with a perfect ambiance, also offers live entertainment like karaoke and sports screenings which make this place ideal for couples. This restaurant is located in Vasai.

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3) Intercontinental Dome

It’s for anyone who likes it a little more. This classic restaurant is built into the Intercontinental Hotel and offers stunning views of the sunset along the beach. It is located in Churchgate. This restaurant is a perfect gourmet getaway for couples who want a bit of romance by the bay. In this restaurant, a cocktail, a sunset in sight and the calming breeze are all you need to get in the mood. Some of the must-try dishes include Murgh Afghani, sushi, and tiramisu.

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