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The Hilton Santorini Beach Resort to open in 2022

Santorini’s sunset is now crowned the best in the world. Credit: Giuseppe Milo – CC BY-SA 2.0

A Hilton Santorini resort is slated to open in 2022. Hilton made the announcement last week.

The new Hilton Santorini beach resort will be called the “Sea Breeze Santorini Beach Resort”. The resort will have 37 hotel rooms and a private beach. Each room will have a personal terrace. The rooms will also have an individual hot tub or a swimming pool.

Grecian Delight supports Greece

The hotel will also have two restaurants and two bars, as well as two outlets. Other amenities include a spa, fitness center, beach loungers, and two swimming pools.

Guests will also benefit from the proximity of Santorini’s major tourist attractions by car. It is close to the modern aspects of Santorini’s capital, Fira, and the island’s prehistoric town, Akrotiri. In Akrotiri, tourists can explore the volcanic islands. There are also other beaches and restaurants in the area to explore.

Hilton’s relations with Greece

Hilton has invested in Greece for 60 years. Hilton recently opened a property in Crete. Patrick Fitzgibbon, Senior Vice President of Hilton, said: “With a 60 year legacy in Greece and on the heels of our last opening in Crete, we are delighted to further develop our Greek portfolio with the first Hilton hotel in Santorini . One of Greece’s most popular islands, Santorini welcomes over two million visitors each year and is a great location for our second Curio Collection by Hilton in the Greek Islands.

“This new hotel joins more than 20 Curio Collection hotels in development across Europe, doubling the brand’s European presence over the next three years. Opening next year, we are happy to partner with specialists from Santorini Alexandros Ltd to offer this unique and impressive beachfront hotel.

Hilton was partly interested in Santorini as the island has more than two million visitors each year. This resort joins Hilton’s location in Crete, among others in Europe, in what Hilton calls its “Curio Collection”. The Curio Collection has more than 100 hotels around the world. Hilton aims to open more than 20 new hotels in Europe over the next three years. This would double the number of Hilton hotels in Europe.

Hilton leases the property to Alexandros Ltd. Michail Karamolegkos, the owner of Alexandros Ltd. In the press release from Hilton, Karamolegkos said: “Our experience in Santorini, from excursions and transfers to hotels and villas, makes us the perfect partner to open the first Hilton hotel. on the island. We are delighted to be working with Hilton and look forward to developing our relationship in the future. We plan to open the hotel next year and are delighted to welcome guests to this spectacular property.

The call of Santorini

Hilton isn’t the only hotel chain expanding to Santorini. The Radisson Hotel Group has opened a branch in Santorini.

It is not surprising that hotels want to open in Santorini. Earlier this summer, Santorini received an award for having “the most beautiful sunset in the world”. American actress Demi Moore and her daughter even spent July 4 off Santorini. Additionally, several authors of this site have noted the many unique charms that the island has to offer.

Considering Hilton’s global success, they’ve probably done their homework on Santorini and consider it a great place to invest. As the world prepares to open up to travel, it will be interesting to see how the Hilton Santorini resort lounges.

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