• Fri. Jun 24th, 2022

The Palm Beach scene and season is back

ByJean A. Francis

Feb 20, 2022

It’s February, that time of year when things really happen in Palm Beach. So, good luck with the rest, downtime, or whatever other relaxation you’ve been waiting for coming here – unless it’s maybe with an ice pack on your head.

As my March 6, 2011 Palm Beach Daily News cartoon pointed out, if you’re the least bit concerned about the see-and-be-seen scene, the next few weeks will make or break you. Maybe both.

Palm Beachers have had a bit of a break over the past two years due to COVID, but if this year’s mind-numbing traffic and over $4 billion in real estate transactions are any indication, Palm Beach’s season has returned in strength.

Congratulations, if you were one of those who recently purchased property in Palm Beach. My sympathies for having had to put in place the closure of your busy schedule of lunches, yacht cruises, gallery openings, dinners, charity events and gala balls.

And, of course, whether you’ve recently purchased blank walls or not, there’s the added appeal of the Palm Beach County Convention Center, with its 100,000 square feet of exhibit space. You’ll get square feet browsing its four seasonal art, antiques, jewelry, contemporary art and craft exhibits in search of that shiny new item.

Then there is the allure of warm, sunny weather and tropical beauty that can lure someone outdoors and even across bridges to attend events such as ArtiGras, Jupiter Seafood Festival, Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, the Delray Affair and the Palm Beach International Boat Show. Some Palm Beachers might even want a taste of a Greek or Renaissance festival. I mean, there are so many star-studded gala nights with a 10-piece dance band and an auctioneer that you can take – and you sure can’t shout Opa! or Huzah! there without people looking at you funny.

Frankly, most foreigners don’t understand the mandatory nature of a busy social calendar in Palm Beach. It is largely filled with quid pro quo charitable support obligations. If you remove a charity from your list, you are removed from the lists of its entire committee. Consequences!

And then there is the time you have to devote to the club. Otherwise, why pay the membership fee?

Ultimately, by the time the spring thaw hits, I bet you’ll be looking forward to resting and relaxing in a colonial home on a few quiet acres to the northeast.