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The Real Way Miles Teller got ripped for his beach scene in Top Gun: Maverick

ByJean A. Francis

Jul 13, 2022

Top Gun: Maverick really had it all, from emotional scenes between Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, to incredible stunts performed by the real-life actors, to great chemistry between the new and old guard, like Cruise and Miles Teller.

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In truth, the road to getting such a good movie hasn’t been easy, especially for the cast. They’ve been through a lot of preparation and that includes Miles Teller.


We’ll see how the actor prepared for his iconic beach soccer scene, and exactly what went down in those abs.

Tom Cruise wanted the Top Gun: Maverick Cast to be in top shape

It should come as no surprise, but according to Jason Walsh, Miles Teller’s trainer, Tom Cruise wanted the cast of Top Gun: Maverick be in great shape on set. This not only meant physically, but also in terms of conditioning and movement.

“Tom is a big advocate for making sure these guys are really put through the rigors and the tests,” the fitness instructor explained. “They were actually in those jets… so [it was about] physical preparation, just getting strong, moving well, physically making sure he was in great shape.

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Of course, much of the film is extremely authentic, in typical Tom Cruise fashion, which really makes the experience that much better for the viewer.

For Walsh and his Teller training, the cardio levels had to be more than satisfactory. The coach said he had absolutely no problem with Teller, who took everything very seriously.

“He took everything very seriously. He was very professional,” Walsh said alongside Us. “You could just tell it had this stuff that was going to really demand it and physically push it to its limits. was, you know, an amazing movie.

Miles Teller manipulated his water levels just before the beach scene

There’s a certain “bro-science” that goes into shirtless movie scenes and it forces the actor to manipulate his water intake. This is commonly used in the bodybuilding world, especially for competitors who need their physique to shine at the perfect time.

For Teller, that perfect moment was his shirtless beach scene playing football and judging by his look, we can safely say he did it right.

However, a lot of work has gone into it. Not only was the training and dieting intense, but Teller was also forced to cut back on his water intake days before the scene. Then, just before, Miles did the opposite, using the sodium and sugar to his advantage as his body used it like a sponge, tightening his muscles even further.

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“When I was super thin you try to cut the water out of your system [during filming]. It’s a trick of the trade that people use, that you try to dehydrate as much as possible,” Teller said with Additional television.

“And then, oddly enough, when you’re on set that day. When your body has been deprived of sugar and sodium and all those things, you drink like a can of Coke. Your body gets all that sugar and everything tightens up. You get that certain vascular aspect that looks good on screen.

Miles Teller followed an intense diet and training program

Sure, the water manipulation tactic worked, but there’s no way the actor will pull it off without intense preparation beforehand, especially with training and diet.

In terms of his diet, men’s diary revealed that Teller didn’t stay away from fats or carbs, but kept them all in moderation, along with higher amounts of protein.

Calories were generally low considering it was trying to burn fat. The carb sources were also low in calories, with her favorite being half a sweet potato.

Chicken was abundant as a source of protein, given the high amounts of protein present in a chicken breast, mixed with a low fat content. As for dinner, he opted for a little more fatty fish or steak.

The workout structure was tough, filled with supersets and circuits. Teller also manipulated body parts for his workouts, opting for chest and back splits or full body workouts.

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